Born: October 23, 1992

Hometown : Alexandria, VA

Living: New York City, NY

Height: 5'2"

Began Climbing: 1998

Sasha first began climbing at 6 years old, in 1998.  She has won the World Championships for Female Overall, and has placed Silver in the Bouldering World Championships, as well as Bronze in the Duel. Sasha has been the undefeated panAmerican Champion 2004 to the present, and she is a three-time US National Champion.  

Outdoors, Sasha is the first North American woman to climb the grade 9a, 5.14d, recognized as one of the hardest sport climb ever achieved by a female. She has done two. Sasha was the third woman in the world to accomplish this grade. Additionally, she has onsighted multiple 8b+’s, 5.14a’s, ascended groundbreaking multipitch routes of up to 1000 feet of 8c climbing, and has accomplished multiple First Ascents and 28 First Female Ascents around the world.

Currently, Sasha is a third year student at Columbia University in New York City, studying Nonfiction Writing and Business. She serves as an Athlete Ambassador for Right to Play, Up2Us, Women’s Sports Foundation, Outdoor Foundation, and HERA. She also serves as an Athlete Representative on the board of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. She has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, including GLAMOUR Magazine's Top College Women of the Year, 2016, the Cutting Edge Athlete Award for 2014 performance, presented by the American Alpine Club, The Golden Piton Award, and the Arco Rock Legend Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Outdoors.

In addition to climbing, Sasha has been a published writer by several publications, including National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Rock and Ice, SELF, Seventeen, and CRAVE. She travels globally for Appearances and Events, including Public Speaking and Clinics.  

Women's Sports Foundation, Right to PlayUp2Us.

Sasha climbing her way to another National Championship title

Sasha climbing her way to another National Championship title


  • Female Overall World Champion

  • Reigning Pan-American Champion for the last decade

  • 3-time US National Champion

  • US Adult National Team Member 2007 – Present

  • US Junior Team Member 2003 – 2010

  • Undefeated Junior Continental Champion: 2004-2010

  • Silver Medal, World Championships, Female Bouldering

  • Bronze Medal, World Championships, Female Duel

"Pure Imagination," the climb that skyrocketed Sasha's career

"Pure Imagination," the climb that skyrocketed Sasha's career


Sasha travels the world establishing  First (Female) Ascents everywhere she goes. She's currently the World Ranking leader, has climbed dozens of 5.14s and is the first and only North American woman, and the youngest woman in the world, to climb the difficulty grade of 5.14d (9a); the hardest climb achieved by a Female Worldwide. She is also the first North American Woman to onsight 5.14a (8b+). 

Hardest Sport Climbing Ascents:

  • Red Point: 5.14d (9a)
  • Onsight: 5.14a (8b+)

Hardest Bouldering Ascents:

  • Redpoint: v11 (8A)
  • Flash: v10 (7C+)